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Active ingredients: 100mg Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide per 20ml unit.

Contains no nicotine, flavourants or colourants.

AERONAD+ offers a pleasant and easy way to supply NAD+ directly to the airways, offering anti-aging properties, craving control and improved alertness.

AERONAD+ aids in:

  • Anti-aging through improved inter-cellular communication
  • Clarity of mind and improved focus and concentration
  • Relief from cravings
  • Combatting unpleasant withdrawal symptoms

Why do you need to vape NAD+?

Vaping technologies has provided a new mechanism for the administration of supplements. Administration via inhalation holds several benefits over oral administration, especially in the case of NAD+. When taken orally, the NAD+ molecule will accept hydrogen molecules from the hydrochloride molecules of the stomach to form NADH H+ to drive the NADH H+ reaction that counteracts the reactions that NAD+ is involved in. This is also why you cannot mix AERONAD+ with other e-liquids. When NAD+ is directly delivered to the lung epithelial lining cells through the inhalation it can optimize the functionality in these cells and set NAD+ in other parts of the body free to drive reduction reactions. NAD+ also helps to manage cravings, withdrawal symptoms and improves concentration and focus.

What is NAD+?

AERONAD+ contains NAD+, or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, it is a coenzyme partly derived from vitamin B3 (niacin). The plus sign of NAD+ indicates the reduced form of the molecule which means NAD+ can accept a hydrogen molecule. This is the driving force of the reduction reaction of the dehydrogenase enzyme systems, i.e. it plays a vital role in reducing NAD to NAD+. Most of these reactions take place in the mitochondria to produce energy. NAD+ levels decline with age, illness, and unhealthy lifestyle choices. Unhealthy lifestyle choices include the over consumption of trans-fat containing food, smoking, lack of exercise, and the regular consumption of alcohol. For example: when alcohol is broken down in the body, it is through the reduction reaction of the dehydrogenase system of the body. When alcohol is consumed in large quantities or if it is taken on a regular basis the NAD+ will be depleted and will affect the other reactions where NAD+ is needed.


This product is an e-juice to be used with a vapour producing device of your choice. AERONAD+ can NOT be mixed with other e-liquids, the active compound is highly reactive and will be reduced to the form that counteracts the reactions that NAD+ are involved in.

For best results take 5 proper inhalations 3 times per day, or use as required when experiencing cravings or lethargy.

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"After using AEROMAG for a few days, as an ex-smoker, I felt I had improved breathing and more energy."


"Energy and focus on the go! This is what I was looking for to help me focus during a hard day at the office, and the bonus - I don't think about my cravings!”


"AERONAD helped to improve my focus during a stressful time, and as a bonus I had almost non-existent cravings for cigarettes. Win- win.”

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