Why vape magnesium?

Updated: Mar 10

Oral supplementation of magnesium can lead to much not being absorbed in the digestive tract. Even when doses of magnesium are absorbed, the mineral may end up simply being excreted in the urine, as the body is not adapted to absorb large doses at a time.

Magnesium treatment via inhalation holds several benefits over oral administration:

  1. Vaping allows for smaller, more regular doses that can be taken for immediate effect.

  2. Vaping magnesium offers a novel method of delivering this essential mineral to the lungs. Magnesium delivered directly to this area can assist with specific lung functions, offering great benefits to ex-smokers, athletes.

  3. Magnesium inhalation has shown positive results when used to treat temporary constriction of the upper and lower respiratory tract. Respiratory tract spasms refer to, but is not limited to, bronco spasms and irritation or spasms of the upper respiratory tract from an adverse reaction to certain compounds, i.e. allergic reaction. The latter may spread to the lower respiratory tract if severe.

How does it work?

With AEROMAG a saline solution is provided to the airways for the maintenance of the physiological integrity of the epithelial lining of the lungs. This supports magnesium absorption, thereby optimising energy conversion in the epithelial lining cells. This aids in the suppression of inflammation within the lungs, which in turn improves oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange efficiency. ATP acts as energy carriers within the body, and magnesium is essential in the production of ATP. ATP cannot be stored, but is produced in the body as needed. A lack of magnesium will reduce available ATP, in turn restricting your cell’s physiological performance. Inhaled magnesium is delivered directly to the lung epithelial cells, enabling these cells to function optimally. The supplementation of magnesium via vaping could thus be more effective in delivering magnesium to the body within seconds rather than long periods required for oral supplementation.

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