Quitting cigarettes has never felt so good!

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Using AERONAD e-liquid and NAD+ sublingual drops simultaneously when you take the bold step to quit smoking once and for all, is an effective aid to reduce the difficult symptoms of withdrawal from cigarette addiction. Smoking creates a feeling of alertness and heightened energy levels, as your arteries expand to allow more blood flow to compensate for lower oxygen levels, also increasing blood flow, thus causing blood pressure rise and a rise in blood glucose levels. Once you quit, smoking withdrawal causes tiredness, concentration difficulty, mood swings, and cravings.

Both products contain the same active molecule NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) but are introduced and absorbed by the body through different delivery methods: 3-5 drops sublingually or as an e-liquid for vaping. The restorative effect of NAD+ will aid you in making a clean, effective, non-addictive and healthier break from smoking.

NAD+ (a co-enzyme partly derived from Vitamin B3 Niacin) forms an integral part of the natural body chemistry. The well- known addictive culprit of cigarettes, nicotine and NAD+ has an interesting relationship. Structurally, nicotine and NAD+ are very similar, making it easy for nicotine to interfere with the optimal functioning of NAD+ by competing and binding to the enzyme sites involved in the mitochondria, the energy generators of the body. The loss of enzyme functionality causes a steady decline of NAD+ levels, which leads to mitochondrial dysfunction. Symptoms of which include difficulty concentrating and tiredness, similar to cigarette withdrawal. Read more about NAD+ and its essential role in the body here.

Supplementation of this wonderful molecule through NAD+ sublingual drops, alongside with AERONAD e- liquid, during the process of quitting, aids in breaking the metabolic chemical addiction to cigarettes. Metabolic addiction is broken by restoring repressed enzyme binding sites that were negatively affected by the nicotine-NAD+ competition. Administering NAD+ under the tongue (sublingually) is easier and dosage controllable delivery method than vaping NAD+.

Inhaling AERONAD e- liquid through a vaping device of your choice, temporarily, but instantly satisfies your physical craving to smoke whilst simultaneously replenishing the NAD+ levels in your body. The inhaling of vapour is a helpful and soothing action for smokers trying to quit. Cigarettes are not only chemically (nicotine, tar and other carcinogens) but also physically addictive. AERONAD e-liquid is effective in controlling the craving for cigarettes because it fulfills the action of smoke inhalation, but does not contain any harmful carcinogens, nicotine, flavourants or colourants.


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